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Controller Profiles

What is a Controller profile?

Controller profiles are where all settings associated with controllers are saved.

There are two different kinds of controller profiles: Default and Custom. 
Default profiles were made by developers at SimBin and cannot be edited, deleted or renamed. 

If you try to edit a Default profile a Custom profile based on that default profile will be created by the game.
Custom profiles can be edited, renamed and deleted.

You can manage your controller profiles in the Controller Profiles section of the Controller Settings menu.


No Default profile for your controller? 

If you own a controller for which the game does not have a default profile the game will display a series of popups that will allow you to create one for your controller. After that the game will take you to the Primary Functions menu where you can start assigning functions to your controller.

Please note that the default values in the Force Feedback and Advanced Settings menus may not be optimal for your wheel and might require tweaking.


Controllers with Default Profiles

Fanatec Clubsport Wheel

Fanatec Clubsport BMW Wheel

Fanatec CSR Elite Racing Wheel

Fanatec Porsche GT3RS Wheel

Logitech Driving Force GT

Logitech Driving Force Pro

Logitech G25

Locitech G27

Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel

Logitech Racing wheel USB

Logitech Chillstream

Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro

Thrustmaster T500RS

Thrustmaster T500 Ferrari F1 Wheel

Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

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  • It suppose to popup a dialog to create the controller profile when you first time connect your device in the game. This happened to me. But I cannot choose/use that profile...I have no idea why. Then I delete the profile, and want to try to create the profile again...But this time, the popup never shows up.

    Now in the game, it says my device is connected. But it does not have a profile, so I cannot use
  • @DS: If that happens you can just select another default profile (Keyboard for instance) and start assigning functions to that. The game will then create a new custom profile.
  • I am in that situation as well. The only profile listed is the Keyboard default and it won't let me assign my wheel to the functions.
  • @Bob
    Please delete the RaceRoom Racing Experience folder, located in My Documents/My Games/RaceRoom Racing Experience.
    This will cause the "wizard" to pop up on then next start up. If this ain't working for you, please create a ticket on the helpdesk and I will do my best to help.
  • Me I make a coupon, on wed the 12th Nov 2014, Ticket Ref: 10676, I never have answer, about the problem I encounter with the Xbox controller