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How to install Steam and create a Steam account

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a free-to-play game that runs using Valve's Steam game client. You'll need to have Steam running on your PC before you can install R3E.

This guide will walk you through downloading and installing the Steam client and show you how to create a Steam account. After these steps are complete you'll be ready to install RaceRoom Racing Experience and register your free R3E account.

Installing Steam on your PC:

Visit and click the green 'Install Steam' link in the top right corner.

Download the Steam installer


On click 'Install Steam Now' to begin downloading the installer.

Download the Steam installer


After the download has finished, locate the file and double click it to open the installer. You'll be presented with the welcome screen shown below, click 'next' to get started:


Read through and accept Steam's license agreement, then click next to continue:


Select your internet speed then click next:


Select your language and click next.


Verify the location on your PC where you wish to install Steam. After you click next, the installer will install Steam onto your computer.


When Steam has been successfully installed on your PC, click the 'Finish' button to close the installer.


There you go, Steam is now installed on your computer! Typically Steam will update after installation is complete, once it is finished you'll be presented with the login screen. Continue reading to learn how to register an account with your newly installed game client.

Creating a Steam account:

Select 'Create a new account' from the Steam login screen:


Read the Steam Subscriber Agreement and click 'I agree' to continue:


Read the Steam Privacy Policy and click 'I agree' to continue:


Choose your account name and enter your password twice and click next to continue:


Enter your email address twice and click next to continue:


Choose your secret question and answer and click next to continue:


Take note of your account information or print it for your records. Click next to continue:


Steam will notify you that it is running in the Notification Tray. Click finish to start Steam.


When you run Steam for the first time you will see that you need to verify your Email address. Click the yes button to have a confirmation mail dispatched to your email account.


Click the next button to dispatch the confirmation mail.


Steam will notify you that the confirmation mail has been sent. Click finish, then check your mail and click on the verification link to complete your Steam account registration.


Your Steam account is now verified and Steam is running on your PC!

You are ready to install RaceRoom Racing Experience. Click the link below to view the how to guides for installing and registering R3E.


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