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Download and install RaceRoom Racing Experience

Installing RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E): 

There are two methods for installing RaceRoom Racing Experience. An installer is available here, download and launch the installer and follow the instructions it gives you. The Installer will guide you through the installation of Steam and RaceRoom Racing Experience. If you already have Steam, you may install R3E manually by following the guide below.

After you have installed Steam, visit the R3E game page on Steam and click the green 'Play Game' button.

RaceRoom Racing Experience on Steam


Next select the button that applies to you. Here we'll assume you've already installed Steam and click, 'Yes I have Steam.'


Your browser may prompt you to allow Steam to start up. Here we're using Chrome, and we'll go ahead and select 'Launch the application' to launch Steam and trigger our installation of RaceRoom Racing Experience.

If you get stuck here, just open Steam manually and search for RaceRoom Racing Experience in the Steam store browser and install the game from there.


Verify the location for your R3E installation and click next to continue:


Select whether or not you'd like R3E shortcuts installed and click next to continue:


Steam will now begin downloading RaceRoom Racing Experience. Click finish to close this window and open your Steam games library.


You can track the progress of your R3E download in the Steam game library. Double click RaceRoom Racing Experience when your download is complete to launch the game.


You're nearly ready to hit the track. Steam is installed and so is RaceRoom Racing Experience. All you need to do now is register your free RaceRoom Racing Experience profile at


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