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Game is crashing on Windows 10? - Knowledgebase / FAQ - RaceRoom Racing Experience HelpDesk

Game is crashing on Windows 10?

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Windows 10 will sometimes assign Windows Vista compatibility setting to either the game or to Steam.

This causes a crash of the game related to in-game overlays.


To resolve this issue:

You need to make sure that no compatibility settings are applied to either Steam or RaceRoom executables.

This can be done by running the compatibility tool on the Steam and RaceRoom executable:.


  • Go to the game's installation folder. By default it should be the following: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\raceroom racing experience\Game
  • Find the RRRE.exe file
  • Right-Click on it
  • In the menu that appears, click on "Troubleshoot compatibility"
  • A new window with a progress bar appears. When it is finished, click "Try recommended settings"
  • Click the "Test program" button
  • If the game works, click the "Next" button
  •   On the final page, click "Save these settings for the program" and close the window once the changes are saved.
  • Go to the Steam’s installation folder. By default it should be the following: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ and repeat these steps. 











If this does not work, try setting compatibility settings to Windows XP Service Pack 3.


If none of the above solves the issue, you may need to remove some values in the registry.

NOTE: Editing the registry can cause severe issues if not done properly, and you should not do so unless you feel confident that you can handle it.

  • Hit start->run->regedit
  • Go to key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
  • Look for an entry with your path to steam.exe
  • Delete that entry
  • If you dont find it there try HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
  • Repeat this process looking for an entry with your path to RRRE.exe








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Comments (19)

Jeffery Hunt
Have had a few crashes the last few days and am wondering where to send my dumpfiles? Really am liking this sim and am eager to help.
Nelson Loia Jr.
My RaceRoom starts (through) Steam but do not shows anything.
The computer did not crash, but also not works (no click action allowed).
Only if I open the TaskManager (via Control-Atl-Del) and finish the RaceRoom task, I get back the control.
It all started to occur after I install the Nurburgring Pack.
Can you help me?
Juš Miklavčič
My Raceroom doesen't get past the first loading screen and totaly freezes my computer, requiring a full hard restart every time. Worked just fine a month ago. I tried the recommended steps to no avail. please help.
Pavel Kalenský
Hi, when you try to run Raceroom, the pc always reboots. Other games work.
I don't know anymore, please help!
My simulator stops working when I go to raceroom in vr if I don't go in vr mode it all works but the simulator throws you around no matter how I do the simulator settings it's the same
bug raceroom in the vr
Hello everyone, here since the last update of this Friday I got a superb menu no more disgusting menu, but here I have all the games running nikel in my vr, but raceroom no longer launches in my vr, i have tried everything, even uninstalled and reinstalled in another dd and nothing still the moment problem.
the game does not launch in my vr and is displayed as a quarter image on my main screen at the top left and the rest of the screen is black.
even using the "-vr" manipulation it doesn't work either.
Do other people have the same problem ??????

bonjour a tous, voila depuis la dernière mise a jour de ce vendredi j'ai récupéré un menu superbe plus de menu ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ,mais ici j'ai tous les jeux marche nikel dans mon vr , mais raceroom ne ce lance plus dans mon vr , j'ai tout essayé , meme désinstallé et réinstallé dans un autre dd et rien toujours le moment problème .
le jeu ne ce lance pas dans mon vr et s'affiche en quart image sur mon écran principale en haut a gauche et le reste de l'écran est noir .
meme en utilisant la manip "-vr"ça ne marche pas non plus .
est-ce que d'autre personnes on le meme problème ??????
Joe Pascal
That's real nice. Users need to go fiddle with their registry in the vain hope that your flaky launcher might decide to run. I'm finding posts all over the place going back 5 years of people having the exact same problem. They submit the inexplicably unreadable log files and half the time don;t even get an answer.

Tell me, are you going to issue some refunds to people who have bought content and can't run it?

I for one bought one of your track packs last week and I think I had two races before, in the space of me going to make a cup of coffee and coming back, I am now faced with the hang-at-launch issue that characterises your game.

The RaceRoom "Experience" for me has mainly consisted of trawling Google to try and find a solution to this crap.
I've tried all the solutions above, but no luck.
The game crashes *Every time* on Sepang / Heikki 360es (June 2021) server.
It happens like this:
- run the practice, no problem
- qualify, sometimes it crashes by changing camera fist, then crashing and going back to the main manu (server list)
- start race, and (Because it did not crash before), it crashes with the same symptoms as above.

No crash dumps in SimBin.

Windows 10 / TI 2080i

I still get reputation from those races as you can see here: (the only one I did not get reputation was one where I dropped out of the race myself - before any crash)

I've used XP SP 3 + Admin as the compatibility mode to run the game.
Eduard Vert
Hello everyone, I'm experiencing the same problem as Nelson right now. Since the last update, when I start the game it gets loaded and the screen goes black for 2 seconds and then two raceroom windows open but it doesn't respond. As Nelson said, the computer did not crash, but also not works (no click action allowed on the taskbar). The only way for the computer to return to normal is by opening the TaskManager (via Control-Atl-Del) and finish the RaceRoom task.

I haven't been able to log in for over two weeks, and it’s frustrating.
Can someone help me?
Francis Givens
RaceRoom freezes on Race Start. Cursor visible but doesn’t move. Ctrl-Alt-Del only alternative to get to the desktop.
Francis Givens
Game is freezing when starting race. Can use only alt-ctrl-del to return to the desktop. Is there an RRRE.EXE mine is just RRRE.
Pedro Crulas Gomes

I've already successfully bought and have all the cars and tracks in my purchased items ingame.

But I can't register for any competition as when it asks me to put my email there appears a message saying that: "This email is already taken" !

I don't have another email to use, and this email : is also the same one that i´m registered here on forum and on game charging store system...

Can you solve this for me please ?

MAybe you can send me an e-mail reset activation to this email address of mine pls ?

What else do I have to send you to help to solve it ?

Follows attached the imagem of the problem ingame ...

Migh be that i have an another older user account wiith this saem email, if yes how can i ask sector3 to delete it please ?

Tks ,
Pedro Crulas Gomes
Pedro Crulas Gomes
I have already written a dozen of helpdesk letters to support but looks like nobody likes to work over there ! 00 answer for more them a week !!!
Pedro Crulas Gomes
So i just need to know if someone from sector3 will help to solve my problem or i can ask to u return refund me my money i bought all teh cars and tracks please !!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
David Remirez
Haven´t had an issue until now. I know more people have had this problem. If i have my wheel on, the game drops to 20fps and brutal input lag. If wheel is OFF, game runs smooth. Help please. Been playing for quite a while.
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Hello RaceRomm Team

Since yesterday the game is closed only in the middle of the races, it has happened to me several times, for example 2 times with the Icon in Spa and also with the ADAC in Paul Ricrad in als competitions.

I have already verified the inegrity of the data and it is ok and I have not made changes to my PC

intel 10400k, graphical intel 2060 super 8gb with 16 gb of ram frequency 2666

I would like to know if it has already happened to them, since it is affecting my experience and I would like to verify possible solutions?

I have heard from other users who are going through the same problem, what do you advise me to do?

Thank you so much

Hola Equipo de RaceRomm

desde el dia de ayer el juego se cierra solo en medio de las carreras, me ha pasdo varias veces, por ejemplo 2 veces con el Icono en Spa y tambien con los ADAC en Paul Ricrad en als competiciones.

ya he verificado al inegridad de los datos y esta ok y no he hecho cambios en mi PC

intel 10400k, grafica intel 2060 super 8gb con 16 gb de ram frecuencia 2666

me gustaria saber si ya les a pasado, ya que esta afectando mi experiencia y quisiera verificar posibles soluciones?

he escuchado de otros usuarios que estan pasando por el mismo problema, que me aconsejan hacer?

muchas gracias

Simon jansen
Game is freezing when starting race. Can use only alt-ctrl-del to return to the desktop. Is there an RRRE.EXE mine is just RRRE.

I have preciesly the same problem as Mr Givens above in the comments. Have tried most of the mentiont solutions exept the one where you have too use the regedit tool in windows. Thats much to risky if it fails to do that right my system will possibly crash as well. Risk is just to great just for playing again my favorite racing simulator game.

So is there any other solution instead of mendeling in my system reg to solve this Error 1 problem?

Hopefully thanks for the support if the game funtions proberly again.
Andrew Baker
The game has been randomly crashing since October/November 2021 while for the previous 18 months I never had a problem. It can crash after just 5 minutes or after an hour of play. I thought it might be a VR problem but it’s the same using the monitor.

I’ve tried removing some Windows 10 updates, rolled back my graphics card and uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. I’ve also tried it in 32 bit mode but still it crashes, whether I’m in VR or using the monitor. I’ve even tried just about every compatibility setting but still no joy. I just don’t understand why it ran perfectly for 18 months before all these crashes started happening. It’s very frustrating to be in the middle of a race, or even seconds from finishing only for the game to crash and lose a huge amount of ranking points.

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